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Filling, inlay, onlay

Filling, inlays, onlaysIf fillings are required, there is an option to choose between traditional amalgam fillings and aesthetic dental fillings.

The advantage of amalgam fillings is that they are inexpensive; their preparation is simpler and faster than that of aesthetic fillings. The disadvantage is that they are less aesthetic and conduct heat and electricity.

For aesthetic fillings dentists use a composite that binds when exposed to light. They can be used both for molars and teeth in the front. These materials allow us to reproduce the tooth's original form and color as well. Contrary to traditional procedures, only a minimal amount of healthy tissue has to be removed when shaping the cavity to provide the filling with sufficient stability.

The stages of the filling process are the following:

  • the cavity is treated with acid, then rinsed thoroughly after 30 seconds with water
  • after drying, adhesive material is applied to the acid treated area
  • the filling material is placed into the cavity

The filling material and the tooth produce a chemical bind creating a lasting result.

Tooth coloured composite filling from 50 GBP

Inlay, onlay

Inlays and onlays are recommended for chipped or severely decayed teeth. They can produce more natural looking results than fillings. The furrow system of an inlay or onlay makes it possible to fully restore chewing functions. As a first step, the doctor cleans the tooth leaving only the healthy tissue. Afterwards, a representation of the tooth structure is produced which the dental technician uses to fabricate the inlay or onlay. The finished product is then fitted to the tooth.

Inlays and onlays can be made of gold, composite, and ceramic.

Tooth coloured inlays and onlays are very lasting and aesthetic.

Ceramic inlay, onlay from 200 GBP


Frequently asked questions and answers about different filling materials.


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