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Fixed and removable dentures

Dental prosthesesThe replacement of teeth is an important part of dentistry. If teeth are not replaced, the chewing ability is affected, problems may arise in speech and phonation as well, and the harmony of the face is also often disrupted.

There are two types of prostheses:

  • removable prostheses
  • fixed prostheses

Removeable dental prostheses can be easily removed from the mouth by the patients themselves.

  • In the case of partial dentures, there are still teeth present in the mouth which significantly increases the stability of the prosthesis. The material of the prosthesis is a combination of metal and plastic, which are the so-called metal plate dentures. Their advantage is that the prosthesis is thin and the size of the base plate can be decreased, which allows for the patient to get used to it faster. The prosthesis is attached to the remaining teeth with clips or fine mechanical fastening instruments, the latter being a more aesthetic solution.

partial denture

  • Complete dentures are used if the mouth is completely toothless. The anatomical properties of the upper jaw and the vacuum created by the palate help in fastening the prosthesis. In the case of the lower teeth, the often disadvantageous anatomical environment may make it difficult to make a stable prosthesis. Complete denture per jaw from 400 GBP

complete dentures

Fixed prostheses cannot be removed by the patient as they are fastened to the prepared teeth with cement.

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Temporary prosthesis:

If you do not wish to leave the clinic with missing or tapered teeth, temporary crowns, bridges, and removable partial or full prostheses can be prepared as a provisional solution.

A good temporary prosthesis is as just like a permanent one. It is important to note, however, that temporary prostheses are not always advised, so please consult your dentist beforehand.


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