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Since their establishment, our dental clinics have found solutions for the dental problems of thousands of patients from both Hungary and abroad. Here is some feedback from some of the foreign patients.


  • BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Malcolm

    "My recent experience with Best Budapest Dentist couldn’t have been more positive.  I needed a crown replacement and general cleaning, and knew that it would be considerable less expensive here in Budapest than in the United States, where I live, and indeed the cost was about one-third of what it would have been at home. The work was done so expertly and professionally, however, and in such a pleasant atmosphere, that I am hoping to be in Budapest when it is time for the next cleaning or any other dental work I may need.  Thanks to BBDent, a wonderful discovery!"

    Malcolm Bilson pianist, USA

  • "I contacted BestBudapestDentist.com at short notice and they were able to see me on the day and time that suited me. The service throughout was impeccable - a very helpful English-speaking agent contacted me promptly and met me at the dentist's clinic to help me with form-filling; language wasn't a problem. The surgery was smart, clean, professional and compared favourably with any dental clinic in the UK or USA. The dentist was careful in her work - particularly as I have sensitive teeth - and it was all finished in a couple of hours. Never mind a Hollywood smile - I now have a Budapest smile to be proud of, and at half the price I'd have paid in the UK!" John W., UK


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Kevin

Kevin G., Ireland


  • "Very satisfied with the service and work. Well located and did not struggled to get a quick appointment, the problem needed immediate fix and so it was done! Price is reasonable Great communication with Staff and Dr, English spoken!" Yazbel Z., Mexico


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Dustin & Diana

Dustin & Diana, USA


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Andy

Andy B.; UK


  • "The results exceeded all my expectations. It feels like I was reborn!" Jim G., UK

BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Clyde

Clyde S., USA


  • "I was a little nervous when I got on the plane, but I trusted that everything will be okay. And so it was. I was amazed by the excellent work ethic and the level of organization that I experienced in Budapest. Everything went just the way it was planned and agreed on. Thank you again for giving me the chance to laugh freely again after 25 years!" Sarah L., UK


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Urs

Urs G., Switzerland


  • "I am receiving compliments on my new teeth and questions about where I had them done. I wish you all the best and thank you very much!" Peter S., Ireland


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Sabine

Sabine K., Austria


BestBudapestDentist.com testimonials: Youba

Youba S.; France


  • "I now have a perfect smile for the fraction of the Italian price. It was worth traveling to Budapest from every aspect." Antonio R., Italy

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