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Wine tasting in Budapest

wine tasting budapest



Date: Each day
Location: House of Hungarian Wines
Program start time: 12:00
Category: Wine tour
Price: from 2 500 HUF - ~ 8.2.- EUR




The House of Hungarian Wines – Buda Castle awaits you with traditional hospitality to visit and taste the best wines of Hungary’s 22 wine regions. During the wine tasting one can get acquinted with the history and character of the wine regions of Hungary and that of the international and local grape selections and the different wines produced from these grapes. Over and above the well known wineries of the country our selection offers the chance to discover and taste the produce of small and medium size family cellars as well.
Beside the excellent wines the House of Hungarian Wines – Buda Castle offers to its visitors another Hungaricum; the fruit sipirit („pálinka”) specialities.
It is also possible to taste a selection of hand made cheese.
After tasting our selection of fine wines and fruit spirits – offered in carefully compiled sampling selections – it is possible to purchase the products in lots (by bottle and by box).

The House of Hungarian Wines is open every day from 12:00 noon - 8 pm. (You are advised to arrive before 6 pm to have enough time to discover the wine cellar!)
Please, give us, when you would like to start the program.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your program order. You will have to show this letter at the place of the program.

A taste of Hungary (3 outstanding Hungarian wine)
Borbély Pincészet: Badacsonyi Olasz rizling (2009 dry white)
Gróf Buttler: Szarkás Egri Bikavér (2008 dry red)
Royal Tokaji: Áts Cuvée (2008 sweet white)

Sideways in Pannonia (5 wines)
Szöllősi Pincészet: Neszmélyi Cserszegi fűszeres (2010 dry white)
Deé Géza: Pannonhalmi Olasz rizling (2010 dry white)
Pántlika Pincészet: Dörgicsei Rosé (2010 dry rosé)
Pócz Pincészet: Piarista Portugieser (2008 dry red)
Jackfall Bormanufaktúra: Villányi Cabernet franc (2007 dry red)

Hungaricums (5 wines)
Borbély Pincészet: Badacsonyi Kéknyelű (2009 dry white)
Fekete Béla: Somlói Hárslevelű (2008 dry white)
Dusóczky Tamás: Tokaji Édes Szamorodni (1999 sweet white)
Matias Pincészet: Szekszárdi Kadarka (2008 dry red)
Tringa Borpince: Szekszárdi Kékfrankos Reserve (2007 dry red)

Tokaj (5 wines)
Royal Tokaji: Tokaji Furmint (2009 dry white)
Dusóczky Tamás: Tokaji Száraz Szamorodni (1999 dry white)
Hétszőlő: Tokaji Sárga Muskotály (2009 sweet white)
Dr. Kovács Grand Cru: Asszonyfektető (2009 sweet white)
Pannon Tokaj: Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos (2005 sweet white)

Gourmet (6 wines)
Fekete Béla: Somlói Hárslevelű (2009 dry white)
Jásdi Pincészet: Csopaki Ranolder (2006 dry white)
Gróf Buttler: Nagy Eged Kadarka (2008 dry red)
Jackfall Bormanufaktúra: Pillangó (2006 dry red)
Bock Pincészet: Bock Cuvée (2006 dry red)
Füleky Pincészet: Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos (2001 sweet white)

Traditional spirit
Zsindelyes: Cserszegi Fűszeres pálinka
Pannonhalmi: Meggypálinka (sour cherry)
Gyulai: Tavasz pálinka
Matheus: Alma pálinka (apple)


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