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Tooth extraction

Tooth removal in BudapestThere are cases, unfortunately, when dentists cannot save a tooth even with all the modern dental treatments at hand, and the only remaining option is the removal of the tooth.

Tooth extraction at our dental clinics is in all cases pain-free. Possible pain after the procedure only occurs if the patient does not follow the dentist's instructions. Keeping the wound clean after tooth extraction with the help of toothpaste and vigorous brushing is extremely important.

It may occur that the tooth extraction requires surgical intervention, but this is also painless and done in the dentist's chair.

Any number of teeth can be removed in one session without any harmful consequences.

Wisdom tooth removal:

Whether it is the removal of upper or lower wisdom teeth, it is always recommended to consult a dentist first. A common dental operation is the extraction of wisdom teeth that are wedged or have not grown in as they can damage the other teeth and cause inflammation.

In the case of orthodontics, the wisdom teeth almost always need to be removed; in other cases, the status of the other molars has to be taken into account. In our dental clinics panoramic X-ray is made in all cases to allow for extensive examination.


Tooth extraction from 35 GBP
Wisdom tooth extraction from 120 GBP


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