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Rajkó Folk Ensemble

Rajkó Folk Ensemble budapest



Date: 26/11/2011 - 31/08/2012
Duration: 01:30
Program start time: 20:00
Category: Concert, Folklore
Adult ticket: from 3 600 HUF - ~ 12.- EUR





The world famous Rajkó Orchestra offers a unique musical experience. This company of young gipsy musicians was established in 1952. Their gift is born from the traditions of century old gipsy dynasties. The exceptional professional skills of the Rajkós are due to a special educational method that concentrates on preserving their natural aptitude for improvisation an essential precondition of virtuosity. The Rajkó Orchestra performs in many different formations. The fifty strong main orchestra and the six to eight splinter chamber groups are equally celebrated guest on the world’s most prestigious stages. They are also adept at accompanying well known soloists and dance ensembles. The incredible range of their repertoire covers many genres from classical to folk music, and from operettas to gipsy music, of course.The success and achievements which have already been enjoyed by the Rajkó Orchestra include highly successful tours throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Far East where they have thrilled and fascinated audiences. They have often appeared on National Television and Radio and have a number of acclaimed recordings.

An equally high reputation has also been gained by the Rajkó Folk Ensamble. This fiery young group of about sixty dancers was formed 50 years ago. They specialize in folk dance but are equally able to perform operettas, ballet, and modern dance. The high professional attainment of the dancers is largely due to eight to ten years of intense training which begins at a very early age. They are true professionals dedicated to achieving the very highest standers. The fame and recognition of Rajkó Folk Ensemble has become associated with that of the Rajkó Orchestra as they often perform folklore and operetta programs together, their joint spectacular show always attracts large audiences wherever they go.

Their performances in Budapest are in the Danube Palace (Duna Palota) on Fridays, only!
The program starts at 8.00 PM.

After the concert, from 10.00 PM we offer you a possibility to take delight in the view of Budapest by night from the river Danube on board of our pleasure-boat.
Find out more on our Dinner & Cruise program here!

The atmosphere of the concert can be continued on the river Danube. This will give you the best view of Budapest by night accompanied by candle light and an excellent warm and cold buffet supper-on-board (with drinks). The pleasure boat leaves for the one-hour cruise from a pier which is only a five-minute walk from the concert hall. Following the concert a hostess will accompany our guests to the pier.


  • Paloc Dance
  • Brahms: Hungarian dance No. 5
  • Monti: Csardas
  • Bottle dance
  • Four transylvanian dances
  • Remenyi: `Fly, my swallow!`
  • Dance from Szatmar
  • Dance from Kalocsa
  • Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No 2
  • Csardas in A minor
  • Youngsters of Mehkerek
  • Dinicu: Lark
  • Gypsy dance


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