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Dr. Katalin Bögi

dentist in Budapest: Dr. Katalin Bögi

Dr. Katalin Bögi

Dr. Katalin Bögi graduated as a dentist from the Semmelweis University of Budapest in 1993 and passed her professional examinations in dental and oral diseases in 1995 allowing her to work independantly. She has committed herself to aesthetic and cosmetic aspects of dentistry since graduation.

She has commited herself furthering her knowledge and experience in the fields of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry since her graduation.  Dr Bögi has a particular interest in teaching the Smile Design technique using direct and indirect methods using composite materials, veneers, crowns and implants. finishing the concept with facial aesthetic techniques as required.

Dr Bögi has a special interest in fatial aesthetic treatments using dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid, botox.

In addition to aesthetic dentistry she has extensive experience with the reconstruction of chewing function and the treatment of mandible joint problems.  She continuously keeps herself up to date with the most modern techniques in aesthetic and minimally invasive dentistry by regularly attending national and international accredited courses.

She is a member in the Hungarian Esthetic Dental Academy, the German Esthetic Dental Society (DGAZ) and the European Cosmetic Dental Association.

She has been a member of YDW (Young Dentists Worldwide) since 1993. In 1994 she was the foundation member and until 1998 president of Hungarian Young Dentists' Association.

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