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Dr. Attila Bodrogi

implantologist in Budapest: Dr. Attila Bodrogi

Dr. Attila Bodrogi

Dr. Bodrogi specialises in functional aesthetic dentistry, an expert in cosmetic dentistry.

Graduated summa cum laude from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1992, then launched his own private practice. From early on, he has been dedicated to the quality of his work and to continuously updating his expertise following the latest developments in his field. To this end, up until this day he has placed emphasis on self-training through participating in conferences both in Hungary and internationally, not to mention the reading of several thousand pages of international literature each year on his subject. He also utilizes his theoretical and practical experience as professor at Szeged University.

He gained his expertise in implantology at UCLA (Los Angeles-USA) training in a Master's Program in Implantology. He also finished the curriculum for Complex Dentistry at the Dawson Academy in Florida to gain a complex functional perspective.

Professional memberships:

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry

International Academy of Facial Aesthetics

Co-founder of the Hungarian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

His procedures are characterised by the strictest of professionalism and are always fitted to the individual characteristics of his patients both in functionality and aesthetics. He has been travelling worldwide since 2000, collecting the knowledge that has gained him an international acknowledgement in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

He is the most experienced and most thoroughly trained cosmetic dentist in Hungary.*

It is his conviction that the ultimate success begins with the smallest details. This principle governs him when planning and carrying out each treatment. His procedures match the American protocol of continuous photographical documentation, further emphasizing the rank difference of his class.

"In order to make my work worthy of the world-wide acclaim, I need to be able to proceed well below a millimetre accuracy. How could one see with the naked eye, much less manually work out the details on a tooth to achieve the outstanding results, one may ask? The secret to the much-desired unnoticeable crown-edge or a micro-surgery lies in enlargement. The tool is a telescopic goggle that enables me to examine each tooth on a five-time larger scale. Few professionals are willing to look at their own work with a critical eye and go the distance by dedicating more time and energy.

I am. For You. And to achieve perfection."

*The highest number of documented and published smile-renovation.

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