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BestBudapestDentist Card - Enjoy your stay!

BestBudapestDentist Card is our way of saying thank you for booking your smile with us! We want you to know that you are not just a patient to us, so we do our best to make your stay in Budapest as comfortable and memorable as possible. That is why we created the BestBudapestDentist Card. With this card you can enjoy different discounts and save even more on carefully selected services across Budapest, like taxi service, restaurants, exclusive day spas, private city tours, shopping, etc.

BestBudapestDentist Card

Who can get a card?

The card is available to all patients who have their dental treatment with BestBudapestDentist.com. The card is NOT available to the general public.


How much does BestBudapestDentist Card cost?

The card is absolutely free of charge.


How long is the card valid?

The period of validity is one year.


When can I start using my card?

You can use your card from the first day of your dental treatment in Budapest.


How can I use the card?

To enjoy the discounts offered by our partners, you have to present the card before receipt of a service, payment for a purchase or use of a special offer. BestBudapestDentist Card can NOT be used in conjunction with any other coupons or discounts.


Where can I use my card?

You can check our partnerlist here: www.bestbudapestdentist.com/partners


Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions!



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