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The rightly famous Hungarian gastronomy

Hungarian cuisine - Goulash: Best Budapest Dentist .comFisherman's soup, goulash soup, cottage cheese strudel, Gundel pancakes: these fantastic Hungarian dishes, which are also quite popular abroad, sound familiar to those who are a little at home in gastronomy. These, of course, are only a little taste of the many local specialties.

As for wines, we do not even need to introduce the worldwide known wines of Tokaj, of which Louis XIV was such a great fan that he called Tokaj wine the "King of wines, and the wine of kings". The list of exquisite wines also includes Egri Bikavér and the wines of the Balaton region, of Villány, and many more...

Hungarian cuisine - Gundel pancake: Best Budapest Dentist .comIf you are looking for truly succulent dishes, we highly recommend that you visit some of the local restaurants where you will be offered a wide range of fantastic Hungarian cuisines. Bon appetit!

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