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Leisure, shopping in Budapest

Liszt Ferenc Square: Best Budapest Dentist .comThere are many places in Budapest where restaurants, cafés and bars can be found in large numbers in a relatively small area. Some of these places are Váci Street, the Dunakorzó (Danube promenade), or Liszt Ferenc Square situated alongside Andrássy Avenue, as well as the area of Saint Stephen's Square. These streets and squares are full of life even in the late hours from spring to early autumn. But the winter months, of course, are also busy, with indoor places awaiting those in search of recreation and entertainment.

Fashion Street Budapest: Best Budapest Dentist .comIf you don't want to go home empty handed, you will have many opportunities in Budapest to shop for souvenirs for your friends and family. Countless shopping malls and streets are home to thousands of shops where you will also find the products of the most prominent designers and labels of the world. Fashion Street in the heart of central Budapest is definitely worth a visit as it was modeled after Regent Street in London and Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

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